Friday, December 7, 2007

I've seen the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight...

...and it was 6 minutes of pure cinematic bliss.

Rather than give you a blow by blow of what happened, which you can read here, I will share my feelings about what I saw. First of all this segment of the film was shot with IMAX cameras. This means we were looking at a 70 mm print! This was only my second experience with 70 mm and to be honest it looks better than anything I've seen theatrically. Better than Digital and even more enjoyable than 3d. I saw Batman Begins in IMAX when it was released and to be honest I didn't like the experience. I love the film but it didn't translate to that big BIG of a screen very well. I was literly overwhelmed by what was going on on screen. It was hard to tell what was going on in the action scenes and such. I really hope Chris Nolan, knowing before hand that this film would end up on IMAX screens, really took this into consideration when composing the film. I think it's great that he is taking advantage of the medium but again I hope that it works better than Batman Begins did on that 9 story screen.

Okay.. sorry that was a bit of a tangent.... anyway... this little morsel of the film was absolutely amazing. Gorgeous to look at, fun to follow along with, and exciting to see the world of Gotham created for Batman Begins back onscreen again. Batman Begins, Batman: The Animated Series, and Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee's HUSH series are my favorite incariations of the caped crusader and its feels fantastic to dive back into Nolan's vision of the Dark Knight. He is a master storyteller and it evident in this prologue, if you will, for The Dark Knight. It's particularly great how the events unfolds and slowy show us a picture of the Joker that is truly a criminal mastermind. I say the phrase "criminal mastermind" specifically because this Joker is not zany or Jack Nicholson looney.. this joker is intelligent yet completely psychotic. Heath Ledger does a great job of making this his own character and not simply parroting what has come before him concerning the character. At the end of the sequence we were treated to a little montage of Batman on his new motorcycle and the driving around the city in the tumbler culminating in a completely badass shot of him standing on the rooftop. Man I wish you could all see it. It was so awesome.. well you can and hopefully will come July 18th.. that just can't come soon enough. The Dark Knight is by far the 2008 film I am most eagerly anticipating.

You can read more about this little piece of cinematic magic here:
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