Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Dark Knight's Joker Revealed!

WB very slyly revealed the official look of the Joker for the up coming Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight. It all started with the site Then, allegedly, the site popped up and as people entered their email addresses for more information portions of the images began to be doled out. Someone finally put it all together that the result is the image you see above. I love these sort of viral marketing programs that get the audience involved. Now if you go to the site that produced the Joker image it seems as if the site was taken down, but try to highlight the text within the page and you will find a long string of.. "ha HA HA ha HA HA HAha ha ...". But the bread crumb trail doesn't end there! Sprinkled within all the laughter are letters that when pieced together spell out the phrase, 'See you in December'... Not sure exactly what this means at this point but some are speculating that this is when we'll see the first official trailer. I look forward to finding out just what it means...

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